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*** Endangered Species (a.k.a. Blood Streets) - Official dA Group ***

2097 AD. Vampires are not keeping their diaries in twilight, don't run after the glamorous female fans, don't radiate romantic angst under the moon.

2097 AD. Vampires of this world are the crazy blood-sucking freaks, treating their dark gift as a source of superhuman abilities.

2097 AD. Police force is the last stand of knighthood and honor in a world gone wild, while the civilians perceive vampirism as a deadly outbreak.

2097 AD. New technologies allowed the modification of human body to go beyond all ethical limits. This is a world of cyber-crimes, shootouts, explosions, rivers of blood and lust.

2097 AD. Humanity is the endangered species.
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- The whole idea was spawned after I've heard Iron Maiden's 'Somewhere In Time' album; that's why there are numerous references to their music (Ed's name, cyberpunk setting, etc.); some of the references are listed below, too;

- The 'cyberpunk with vampires' concept was influenced by a PC game called BloodNet;

- The first draft was written in 2002; at the time, the story was called 'Get Acquainted With Eddie';

- First major rewrite was done circa 2006-2007, titled 'Brothers In Arms';

- Both drafts have complete(d) self-contained versions, with 'Brothers In Arms' being considered the definitive version for several years. But ultimately, it didn't touch the topics I originally planned to include, and the most well-received part was the prologue;

- There's also an official (i.e. approved by me) spoof of 'Get Acquainted...', titled 'Dirty Bitches';

- The alternate title of the current version ('Blood Streets') was taken from a song of the same title by Riot;

- The main current title - 'Endangered Species' - was taken from a song by Leatherwolf;

- Ed Hunter got his name from Iron Maiden's mascot, Eddie The Head. Actually, Edward Head was his original name, later changed to a 'cooler' one, which spawned another reference - there's an official Iron Maiden videogame called 'Ed Hunter';

- Originally (in 'Get Acquainted...'), Ed was a drug dealer and a former cop. What later became 'Blood Streets' was originally intended as a prequel, but over the time it has mutated into the main canon, and all the drug-related story arc was thrown away;

- No comment where Brian's last name (Maiden) came from. Originally, he was a villain in 'Get Acquainted...', but later he was reworked as a classic comic relief sidekick archetype;

- Brian's celebrated programming abilities and his references to a demoscene past are my homage to a real-life demoscene subculture;

- Steve Harris is, of course, named after Iron Maiden's bassist and bandleader. In 'Get Acquainted...' he was a drug dealer moonlighting as a doctor;

- Matthew Thatcher was named after Margaret Thatcher, also known as 'Iron Lady'. Iron Maiden played around the similarity of her nickname and their band name on the cover arts for 'Sanctuary' and 'Women In Uniform' singles; however, their name itself was NOT inspired by Thatcher in any way;

- Mark Thatcher was the main villain and Matthew's brother from the very beginning, in all the drafts and versions. He is one of the few characters who almost didn't change since the very first draft, right down to his appearance (black coat, long hair, tattooed forehead);

- Matthew and Mark's names are taken from the New Testament; however, no characters of Luke and John Thatchers are planned;

- In 'Get Acquainted...', Matthew was the city's drug lord. In 'Brothers In Arms', he became a more generic 'aging mentor', and only in 'Blood Streets' he gained his epic biography;

- Michelle Mayfair's name was taken from my GF's pen name; she took it from Anne Rice's 'Mayfair witches' (minus the name), so it can be considered a double reference;

- Michelle's original name was Jane Battery. Her first name was taken from my GF at the time (her real name was Eugeniya, but in English it would be Jane), and her last name was a reference to Metallica's song of the same title. Besides, 'battery' was a hint on her cybernetic origin. In 'Blood Streets' and further, she's not a cyborg anymore;

- Also, Michelle can be considered another example of a character not much changed since the first drafts, minus her name and race;

- Bill Harris first appeared in 'Dirty Bitches' (the official parody), and starting from 'Brothers In Arms', he became a canon character;

- Carlos The Jackal's name was taken from the movie 'True Lies' (ironically, only the name itself was mentioned there, but there was no actual character called so - I just liked the way it sounded);

- Kurt Lizard is an obvious reference to Snake Plissken - the main character from John Carpenter's 'Escape From New York'/'Escape From LA' movies, portrayed by Kurt Russell;

- The idea of Magnum Trident pistol is a reference to the anime 'Trigun';

- The mysterious fraction currently called The Arbitrage was originally named Headless Cross - a reference to my most favorite Black Sabbath album;

- Futureal Corp. name was taken from the song by Iron Maiden;

- All the versions have a comedic episode with Ed playing a made-up video game, 'Law Enforcers'. The 'Get Acquainted...' and 'Brothers In Arms' drafts began with that scene, and in 'Blood Streets' it goes in the middle, with Brian joining the fun;

- Originally, the idea for 'Law Enforcers' was inspired by Contra, also bringing in references to Unreal Tournament (disc thrower weapon) and Gears Of War (covers);

- Aside from the movies that influenced the franchise ( ), other influence sources include videogames like Streets Of Rage, Action Doom 2, Resident Evil, Castlevania, Duke Nukem 3D, Shadow Warrior, MDK (and the ones mentioned in previous items).
Thought it would be fun and useful to collect the vampire abilities that I've applied to them in Endangered Species, because some of them do not correspond the classic lore.

Basically, there are two types of vampires: ones bitten by Matthew and the rest. For example, Michelle was converted by him, so she has the same advantages as he does; and Steve was not, so he's more vulnerable.

Matthew and the ones bitten by him are:
- Not affected by religious signs (Bibles, crosses, holy water do no harm to them);
- Can walk in daylight;

All vampires (NOT including Matthew and the ones bitten by him):
- Can be repulsed/wounded/killed by looking at the sun;
- Can be killed or wounded by Bibles, crosses, holy water;

All vampires (including Matthew and the ones bitten by him):
- Have to drink blood to remain young, until they reach the age they were bitten at;
- Also, blood quickly regenerates their wounds, no matter how serious (even severed limbs);
- Have eye color changed to red, indicating that the conversion is complete;
- Can be repulsed by garlic;
- Can be killed by silver, aspen, fire, electrocution;
- Can die of aging (in case they don't drink blood for too long);
- Can turn into a mist, but after they turn back they feel extremely tired;
- Can jump up twice as higher than humans;
- Can NOT turn into bats;
- Running water, hawthorn bush, lead bullets do no harm to them.
- When a vampire is initiated, he/she inherits all the memories that the one who bit him/her had;
- When in the mist form, vampires can carry a load of cargo occupying approx. 200 kg;
- They don't have the need to sleep;
- They can cross oceans in any way, not necessarily in a coffin;
- They do not need an invitation to come in;
- Vampires are immune to radiation.

This is a WIP list, so probably I'll add a few items later!
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